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The fat in our body carries some very important functions: Energy reserves, thermal insulation, protection of internal organs and body in general, hormonal control and regulation of cellular metabolism. Shaping the physical form of the typical sex, the fat has even an aesthetic function. According to the latest research, our body accumulates fat to protect themselves from the effects of insulin resistance, diabetes and toxic substances in food, water and medicines. To hinder the weight loss we also have the decline of certain sex hormones, helped by overweight and sedentary.


The fat in the human body is divided mainly into two districts: the subcutaneous and visceral. Visceral fat, higher in males, is the most dangerous to health but it is also the first to respond to slimming. So who owns a very large proportion of visceral fat needs time to dispose of and promote the reduction of the disorders.


If we look closely the functions of adipose tissue we find that the fat is is nothing but a superfluous tissue essential to life. Especially in populations of primitive fat depot was a key factor for the survival of the human race in times of famine.


Although many people do not realize this weight loss and slimming are not necessarily linked. It ‘important to understand that the weight loss is a process that leads to a reduction in body weight and not vice versa. Following an hypocaloric diet, for example, you can lose several kg in the first period but the weight usually comes from a reduction in body hydration and muscle mass, not by a reduction of excess fat.

1st problem: Excess calories, how solve it?

Simple, you can say, eating less; wrong, it is not to eat less but to EAT BETTER! Have you ever seen some newspapers on the comparison between two types of food? It seems impossible but they are right!

An example: a hundred grams of salami, more or less, equivales to 400 g of grilled swordfish plus two hundred grams of grilled vegetables + 10 g of olive oil …

2nd problem: Excessive reduction of calories, as resolved?

Obese with 700 Kcal per day? Impossible but true … The problem is actually more complex, taking only 700 kcal per day or an amount of energy much less than that required in a first period to give discrete results can then be depleted within a few weeks, you know why? Because there is a reduction of the basal metabolism, the body gets used to survive on fewer calories, lowering their duties. This phenomenon cause: decrease of energy to devote to daily activities, chronic fatigue, decreased sexual desire and muscles decreased.

But the negative effects of such a dietary approach has not ended. For a defense mechanism the body tends to maximize the calories supplied by the diet, which means that when you happen to exceed in food, even just one time, your body will be great to turn the extra calories in fat reserves.


3rd problem: Too much food and infrequent, how to solve this?

Strive to increase the number of daily meals, at least up to 4, and not underestimate the importance of a plentiful breakfast.

4th problem: Sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity

Strive to work out at least three days a week, although the ideal would be to go to the gym 4-5 times a week. If you have a lot to lose Kg (10 or more) do a short circuit strength training session at the beginning of the muscle to which to follow a continuous aerobic exercise lasting at least 40 minutes at moderate intensity, but not too much. If you want to remove only a little ‘fat hard to ask your trainer to create confidence in a program based on circuit training.

5th problem: Accumulation of toxins: how to solve it?

The method is quite simple: the reduction of food introduction is left to larger quantities of energy to devote to the detoxification. To do this (one day a week) may be useful to reduce the caloric intake and preference for foods rich of antioxidants like fruits.

It’s important to minimize the introduction of dietary toxins (pesticides, derived from the plastic, too much alcohol) during the other days of the week.

Note the paradox: the slimming promotes lipid oxidation of stocks which in turn increases the amount of toxins in circulation, this process stimulates the body to store fat again more power to protect themselves from this excess of toxic residues. What can we do in this regard?

Drink! Try to drink at least two liters of water a day, even more for water poor in sodium. Remember, especially if you are used to drink a little, you will see immediately the difference.

6th problem: resistance to insulin, how to resolve this?

Preferring foods rich in fiber (vegetables, fruits, cereals) and reducing the consumption of simple sugars (sweets, bananas, grapes, flour and refined grains), you avoid all these unnecessary blood sugar surges in the long term to establish the subject of diabetes type II.

7th problem: High-protein diet.

The function of the proteins introduced with the diet is to intervene in protein turnover, or replacement of damaged or degraded body protein. The body can use protein for energy purposes, but this leads to unnecessary red liver and kidney. If, however, carbohydrates and fats introduced with the diet are sufficient to cover energy demands , the proteins in excess are converted into fat.

To promote weight loss slightly increased the protein in your diet but avoid going beyond the 1.5-2 g protein / day per kg of body weight in relation to your level of physical activity.

8th problem: lack of information.

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